We can help you to resolve issues with Local Taxation (Council Tax or Business Rates) arrears, Penalty Charge Notices*, and How to deal with Enforcement Agent contact

We will work with you to identify a manageable, and mutually agreeable, settlement plan which will then be put forward for the consideration of your Local Authority (and appointed Enforcement Agents, where applicable)

*If you are being pursued for an outstanding Penalty Charge Notice and you have outstanding Council Tax or Business Rates arrears, it is important that you contact us straight away. As both issues are of great importance to resolve, Local Taxation is deemed to be the more pressing of the two to resolve first but that does not mean the Enforcement for the unpaid PCN will cease.

Reach out now for support 

Reach out for help with Council Tax / Business Rates Arrears in the Sheffield City Region

This must include the income of all adults living at the address
All adults living at your address will be expected to contribute
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