Enforcement Agents will apply fees for collecting any monies owed. For example, for Council Tax and Business Rates, the first instance of this will be upon referral from your Local Authority to an Enforcement Agency. This is the Compliance Stage. The fee applied at this point is known as the Compliance Fee

Enforcement Agents are required write to you to let you know that the account has been passed to them for collection and what will happen if you ignore the situation.

There are limits as to what the Enforcement Agent can charge. If they detract from regulations, you can complain.

Do Not ignore the Compliance Letter, if you do this could worsen your situation and you place yourself at risk of more fees being incurred. The next stage of action will be the Enforcement Stage. The fee that will be added here is known as the Enforcement Fee

If you are in arrears, click here to reach out to our Mediation Centre

When the Enforcement Fee may be waived

Recovery of fees from vulnerable debtors
12.  Where the debtor is a vulnerable person, the fee or fees due for the enforcement stage (or, where regulation 6 applies, the first, or first and second, enforcement stages as appropriate) and any disbursements related to that stage (or stages) are not recoverable unless the enforcement agent has, before proceeding to remove goods which have been taken into control, given the debtor an adequate opportunity to get assistance and advice in relation to the exercise of the enforcement power.

Taken from the Taking Control of Goods (fees) Regulations 2014

There are occasions where the Enforcement Fee can be withdrawn upon proof of you being in one of the following vulnerable categories;

  • Disabled
  • Seriously ill
  • Sufferer of mental health concerns
  • Single Parent
  • Pregnant
  • Elderly
  • Are not a speaker of, nor able to read English well enough to understand what is happening
  • Suffering bereavement
  • Unemployed

If you are in any of the above situations, contact us as soon as possible, so we can discuss your situation in detail

Council Tax and Business Rates will be pursued by a Certificated Enforcement Agents

The Enforcement Agent is required to follow a specified process in order to recover an outstanding Liability Order. A fee will be applicable for each stage and must be paid, as they now form a part of the total balance due and payable by you.

Stage of process Fixed feeExtra percentage to pay on debts over
Compliance £75.00
(applied to each Liability Order referred)
Enforcement £235.00
(applied once, irrespective of the number of orders being enforced)
Sale or Disposal £110.00 7.5%

Not sure of what stage your account is at, or would like us to discuss your situation with you?

If you are in arrears, click here to reach out to our Mediation Centre

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