A Summary Warrant is an approved action granted by the Sheriff Courts in Scotland, against those who do not pay their Council Tax or Business Rates in alignment with annual billing. The Summary Warrant procedure is also used for Water and Sewage charges. The Summary Warrant procedure cannot be used for other debts.

There is no obligation for Local Authorities in Scotland to tell you when your account has been referred to the Sheriff Courts. You will only usually know if a Summary Warrant has been applied for, once it has been granted. Summary Warrants are also only issued to you by the Sheriff Courts.

So, your situation has arrived here. You will notice that the amount you owe has increased. This is because the Sheriff Courts will have added additional costs – usually 10% – to your balance.

From here, you have very limited time to resolve the arrears amicably, before the Sheriff Officers apply a method of diligence to your account.

There are almost zero justifiable reasons for non-payment. Even those on benefits are expected to pay in accordance with annual billing.

If you are in arrears, click here to reach out to our Mediation Centre

What are the consequences of a Summary Warrant being granted?

If a Summary Warrant has been granted, you are now on a very tight timer. We recommend that you start thinking about what you can offer now and then get in touch with us. Where possible, you must try to prevent diligence methods from commencing, by acting now. Diligence methods include:

Sheriff Officers act fast therefore, you must act faster.

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