What is a Liability Order?

A Liability Order is an approved action granted by Magistrates, against those who do not pay their Council Tax or Business Rates.

So, your situation has arrived here. You will notice that the amount you owe has increased. This is because the Local Authority will have added additional court costs.

You will note that, contrary to court summonses for anything else, when it comes to being summonsed for non-payment of Council Tax and Business Rates, you do not have to appear however, there may be some instances where you feel you have a genuinely justifiable reason for non-payment that turning up on the day may be beneficial. 

There are almost zero justifiable reasons for non-payment. Even those on benefits are expected to pay in accordance with annual billing.

If you are in arrears, click here to reach out to our Mediation Centre

What are the consequences of a Liability Order being granted?

If a Liability Order has been granted, you are now on a very tight timer. You literally have a few days to either clear the balance or agree a suitable arrangement with your Local Authority. After that, Enforcement actions will commence. These include:

Most of these are avoidable however, you must act fast!

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