Who can access your services?

Our Advice and Mediation Centre is available to individuals, families, and businesses who have not been able to keep up with payments into their Council Tax or Business Rates accounts.

Do I have to wait until I have been contacted by an Enforcement Agent, before reaching out to Libranox?

No! We urge you to deal with the situation at the earliest opportunity, to avoid matters escalating, as your arrears will increase if your account(s) are referred to an Enforcement Agency. *if you are in Scotland, your arrears will be referred to Sheriff Officers who will be able to directly implement diligence measures to recover outstanding balances therefore, you are advised to address the situation quickly*

I have received a reminder for a missed instalment for this year’s bill. What should I do?

If you are confident that you do not have any other arrears and you are only at first reminder stage for the current year bill, you must contact your Local Authority without delay.

I have received a summons for non-payment. What should I do?

You have received a court summons for non-payment of Council Tax or Business Rates because you have not paid in line with your annual bill. Furthermore, you have also not addressed the issue at the reminder stage and, as a result, have lost the right to pay by instalments however, there is a final opportunity for you to settle the arrears in an affordable manner either;

By speaking to your Local Authority – who may be able to offer you an instalment arrangement however, this can only be considered once the Liability Order has been granted.

Or by contacting our Mediation Centre, who will be happy to speak with you about your situation and advise on an appropriate course of action.

Can I simply ignore the issue?

Absolutely not! Council Tax and Business Rates are considered Priority Debts and must be paid in accordance with annual billing, or approved Special Payment Arrangements. It is important to keep in mind that, should your accounts be referred to Enforcement Agents, you also risk an additional £310.00 (minimum) being added to what you already owe.

If you are in Scotland however, Sheriff Officers may apply diligence methods to recover your arrears. This can be in the form of Actions of Arrestment and Furthcoming or an Earnings Arrestment.

We recognise that being in arrears is not the most comfortable of situations but the message is clear – whether from your Local Authority, an Enforcement Agency, Sheriff Officers or indeed our service – arrears of this type do not go away and can cause you more problems later on if unaddressed.

If you have tried dealing with this yourself, and have not been successful, or if you feel our support would be more beneficial to resolve your arrears situation (i.e; you have other, more pressing, personal issues that occupy your time) – do get in touch without delay. We’re here to help!

If you are in arrears, click here to reach out to our Mediation Centre

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