Thank you for remaining engaged with our Mediation Centre

Please complete the below, Financial Statement, detailing your household income and expenditure

NB:You must include income for all adults living at your property

Please keep in mind that non-essential spending must be at a minimum otherwise your Local Authority / Enforcement Agency may disregard the entry. This will demonstrate willingness to resolve this priority debt in the first instance.

Non-essential spending areas are; Loans, Credit Cards, Mobile Phones, Cable/Satellite TV, Pocket Money, Hobbies etc…

Once you have completed the statement, hit “submit” – and once we have received this, we will check through it before sending it to your Local Authority and Enforcement Agency for their perusal and decision.

Online Application for Libranox Mediation Centre

Your Details
IncomeSalary and Benefit Payments for all adults living with you. This is to be entered as a monthly figure
i.e. a second job
ExpenditurePlease be as honest as possible in this section.
Priority Expenditure
Transport Expenditure
Household Expenditure
Food, Cleaning Products, Toiletries etc...
Communications Expenditure
Other Expenditure
Gym etc...
Proposal of Payment

Fields with (*) are compulsory.

Libranox Mediation Centre | Financial Statement
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