Libranox was founded in 2018 to offer support services to Charge-Payers, Local Authorities and Enforcement Agencies in the area of Council Tax and Business Rates arrears recovery. Our Founder has a wealth of experience when it comes to providing Local Taxation mediation services and has worked with all Billing Authorities and major Enforcement Agencies and Sheriff Officers in England, Scotland and Wales. 

The Aim:

To work in cohesion with interested parties from the Government and Enforcement sectors, to alter the Government debt recovery landscape, by considering a change in process drivers, making these more citizen-focused, rather than authority-driven. 

The Past:

The majority of mediation works tend to be Citizen focused and we have a wealth of experience in engaging with some of the UK’s most vulnerable individuals and households. Council Tax debt is quite common for those suffering life-challenges which lead on to impede ability to maintain current Local Taxation liabilities, as well as settling older defaulted accounts.

The Present:

Current recovery practices tend to be restrictive by nature. This is more-so at the tougher enforcement end of the scale. There are numerous instances where arrangements for arrears either cannot be agreed, due to affordability, or are agreed but puts at risk the sustainability of current billing cycles. In some instances, recovery measures are implemented that even put at risk the very sustainability of higher priority rent / mortgage payments. For those reaching out for help, it is a step that confirms an understanding of the need to repair their Local Taxation account(s) however, a solution  must be agreed that sits within not just affordability, but also sustainability.

The Future:

Having tried and tested alternate approaches, Libranox now turn to the policy-makers within Local Government and the Enforcement Industry. 

If you are a Local Authority Official, or member of the Enforcement Industry, Libranox would like to hear from you, to discuss how we can help you steer recovery and enforcement practices away from being back-breaking and making them ground-breaking – and ultimately breaking down what can only be described as an impenetrable engagement barrier. 

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